Why is this better?

We would like to explain why we think this way of donating to museums, art galleries etc is better...

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Mike Huggins
21st Mar 20212 min read
Why is this better?

What is Donation Stream and why is it better?

Ok, if you can't explain something in less than 7 seconds then it is too complicated and you need to start again....

7 second explanation of Donation stream

A way of streaming donations to physical cultural locations that are free to enter(think museum), Donation Stream uses cryptocurrency(XRP) to minimise the transaction fees involved in micro payments.

How was that?

Pretty close to 7 seconds we think and hopefully understandable. What about why we think it is better?

7 second explanation of why it is better

I`m going to cheat and use a list:

  1. Pay for what you use
  2. No need to carry cash
  3. No foreign exchange fees
  4. No browser extension required
  5. Use your own Xumm wallet
  6. Reduce cash handling(transmissable diseases)
  7. Feels really cool and modern!

The dream

We hope that one day you will see our logo at the entrance to the British Museum in London (one of our favourites). Now you are empowered with the 14 seconds of knowledge above then you will be able to explain to your family and friends; who we are and why we are better. Thanks for reading and goodbye for now 👋