Beta programme now open

We are delighted to begin our open beta programme 🎉, you`ll need a Donation Stream account and Xumm wallet.

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Luke Brobbin
17th April 20212 min read
Beta programme now open

After spending the last few weeks trying our best to get things shipshape, we are delighted to announce that we are on the market for open Beta users for Donation Stream. The programme will run between the 17th - 29th April 2021.

We are extremely proud of the app we have built so far, however as a team of two developers it is inevitable a few issues will be lurking in the shadows. this is where you come in 😊.

If you are not familiar with Donation Stream, this short video will give you an overview:

With the current climate, we are a little limited as to how we can utilise Donation Stream, as it is designed to be used in real world scenarios, however it is perfectly possible to use in the virtual world as well.

Visit The Donation Stream home page to create an account. To be able to send or receive XRP, users will also require a Xumm account.

For the Beta programme, we have created an account under the name Manchester City of trees to allow you to try out sending money. All funds received into this account will be donated to Manchester City Of Trees at the end of the programme.

search bar with the text tree fund showing one result of the account Manchester City of trees

Otherwise, feel free to transact to other users on the Donation Stream app.

To send feedback, feel free to join our Discord server, where you will be sure to get the quickest response, otherwise we are available at

We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you in advance for being a part of our journey!