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Donation Stream

Send or receive donations

Real time overview of your payment statuses both incoming and outgoing.

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Donate faster

Connect the real world with the virtual

Donation Stream leverages the XRP ledger to open up using cryptocurrency in the real world. Donating to a cultural location as you spend time on their site, streaming to a local musician as you listen to their music, the possibilities are endless.

Connect with QR codes

Every user has a unique QR code to make setting up payments a breeze

Securely send payments

Donation Stream uses Xumm to digitally and securely verify payments

Stream payments in real time

Your wallet, your rules. Stream for as long as you need to, end whenever

Grant for the Web winner

Proud and delighted to be a Mozilla Grant for the Web winner.

Powerful blockchain technology

Leveraging the XRP Ledger to stream payments with minimal fees

Web monetization - internet 2.0

Helping the web monetization movement become part of the main stream

Donation Stream is a 21st Century solution to on-site cash donations.

Mike Huggins & Luke Brobbin

Founders of Donation Stream